Attack! And Look Big!

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Cute kitten Cooper Steve, attacks a stuffed dog.

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  1. You know…I know I am in the minority here..bbbuuutttt…I am not amused.Alll I can think of is the little kittie is scared. I wouldn’t tease my babies for the world. : ( Sorry..UNlike.

  2. @ Lisa, I don’t think he was scared honey. He didn’t have to keep coming out after the dog. When my cats are scared, they hide and do NOT come out. I think the kitty was playing. I agree about the teasing. I wouldn’t tease mine either, but I really belive this kitty was playing or he would not have kept coming out. 🙂

  3. Agreed with @Darlene. That kitten isn’t showing fear behavior. He’s attacking. Adult cats generally won’t play like that — if you saw that in an adult it would indicate great aggression. But, in a kitten, he’s participating in important predatory play behavior. Little kittens do it all the time with toys. In this case the owner was simply interacting in the game by moving the stuffed dog to keep the kitten’s attention, which is what all all kitty parents should do to encourage playful behavior and exercise in cats of all ages. 🙂

    @Lisa, I’ve seen quite a few other videos that people think are funny that bother me because I think it *wasn’t* funny to the animal involved at the time, but this wasn’t one of those.

  4. That kitty isn’t scared! My cats are older and they play like that with one another. Even with the hump backs!

  5. That kitty is playing. Reminds me of my big tomcat when he was little. Only with me his favorite thing to attack, and chew on was me. Owch! >^,,^<

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