Artists See Beauty in Eyes of Blind Cat

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(Art: @planetzwork)

Matilda the Alien cat is an ordinary kitty with extraordinary eyes that have inspired cat-loving artists to create fantastic portraits of her and share them on her Instagram account. These amazing portraits are a testimony to the cat as muse, and the artistic penchant for seeking out unique and captivating subjects.

(Art: polyapfffff)

Here are some of the delightful renderings of Matilda shared by her talented admirers.

(Art: _mysticfire_)
(Art: j_andrean_art)

They are all lovely and interesting, just like their subject, and help we humans rethink what it means to be beautiful and fascinating.

(Art: dippenn_sauce)

If you want to see other examples, go to Matilda’s Instagram account.

(Art: katelandd)
(Art: thesouth9)

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