“Arrow Kitty” Gets Help From Local Vet and the Community

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Christine Schiller spotted a strange sight in the parking lot when she arrived at Styles and Files Salon in Temple, Texas Tuesday morning. The first thing that came to mind for Christine was to wonder why a cat was holding an arrow in its mouth. Then she was able to absorb what she’d seen – the cat has been shot and the arrow was sticking out of her face. “It took me a few moments to realize what it was…it was an arrow in its mouth,” she said.

Christine hurried to a veterinary office located around the corner and came back to the parking lot with Dr. Keith Gudgel of Temple Veterinary Hospital of Western Hills. The pair picked up the cat and brought her to the animal hospital. Dr. Gudgel removed the arrow, which had gone through the cat’s nose and mouth, splitting the tip of her tongue before continuing until it came through her side. The hospital has taken responsibility for giving kitty the care she needs. Dr. Gudgel thinks that, because of the arrow, kitty went without food and water for two or three days.

Kitty has been variously called stray or feral in local news reports, but hospital staff say she is coming around. In one new report she squirms as the doctor places her on an exam table. On Wednesday, a post at the Temple Veterinary Hospital Facebook page said this, “Arrow Kitty had a good night showing her appreciation and no longer acting like a feral kitty. Continued treatment today will include cosmetic surgery: Repair roof of Mouth; lacerated tongue; opening in floor of mouth.” The vet said in a news report, “She’s a remarkable kitty. She’s doing real great.”

Today, the hospital reported that Arrow Kitty improves each day but still faces challenges. She is still not eating on her own, and staff ask the community for their prayers and good wishes. Arrow, as she’s being called for short, was given a nice new bed and some toys, which are waiting for her as soon as her wounds heal. The hospital has noted the outpouring of interest and concern, and will keep the community updated on the cat’s progress. Several adoption offers have been made since the story was first covered in the local news. Well wishers have stopped by the hospital to visit and to make donations toward the cats care, and to ad their names to the list of prospective adopters.

A set of photos at the hospital’s Facebook page that are not for the squeamish show detail of kitty’s mouth and the damage done. They are not displayed on the main page for all to see, but can be found in the page’s photos, in the album ‘Rescued Arrow Kitty’.

This channel 10 news report visits Arrow Kitty during her recovery, along with her rescuer and her doctor.

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  1. I hope the person that did that is tormented for the rest of his life… Same for all the arrows that have harmed kitty’s in other States….Sick ——-God Bless you and all the other kitties that have been harmed in any way….

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