Arkansas Tornado Cat is Reunited with Her Family

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Anna Hunter is reunited with her cat Olivia
Photo via Chloe Charlton


A family that lost a son and their home in the tornado that hit Vilonia, Arkansas on the night of April 27 enjoyed a happy reunion with their missing cat yesterday.

The Hunters lost their son Jeffrey to the tornado that destroyed their home and caused Olivia the cat to go missing, and animal rescue volunteers made it their mission to find Olivia and return her to her grieving family.

The rescuers spotted Olivia near the site of her former home a couple of weeks ago and discovered where she was sleeping but weren’t able to capture her until this past weekend, when she was lured into a trap with sardines. Several volunteers and the Vilonia Animal Clinic helped with the effort to rescue Olivia and reunite her with her family.

Anna Hunter reclaimed Olivia yesterday, and said, “It was really a lot of emotions all at once because I honestly did not think we would find her and now she’s here and I don’t wanna put her down ever, and I can’t wait to get her back to my parents. I cannot wait.”

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Photo via Chloe Carlton


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