Aria’s story: Cat missing for 10 months is reunited with her family

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Photos via Rio Rancho Animal Control at Facebook


Staff at  Rio Rancho Animal Control, in Rio Rancho, New Mexico were happy to help a long lost cat find her way home to her loving family recently. Aria was lost for 10 months before a woman contacted animal control about a cat meowing from a nearby vacant house. Thanks to her microchip and up-to-date contact info, Aria was reunited with those who had been missing her for nearly a year.

Rio Rancho Animal Control told the touching story at Facebook:

Aria’s Story, Finally….Home!

Four years ago, a 6 week old kitten was given to a young girl. The kitten, named Aria, was her constant companion. Living in Albuquerque, she had the kitten spayed, vaccinated and microchipped, as required by the Albuquerque animal ordinance.

Life changed, and 2 years later Aria went to live with the young girl’s grandparents. Aria bonded quickly with “Grampa” and was never far from his side. She spent most of her days lounging on a rocking chair cushion, enjoying the sunroom, or exploring the backyard.

In October 2013, during a family celebration, Aria slipped out the front door unbeknownst to the family members. Normally she never strayed from her yard, but on this evening, she disappeared. The family searched for her in vain, but never lost hope that they might someday find her again.

On August 19, 2014, some children heard a cat meowing in a vacant house next to their home. They told their mother and she contacted Rio Rancho Animal Control. Rio Rancho Police and Animal Control Officers responded to the vacated home. A cat was heard in the garage. Upon entering, the cat immediately came to them and seemed to be happy to be found. Returning to Animal Control, the cat was scanned and a microchip was found. The owner was contacted and the beautiful tortoiseshell cat was none other than Aria, lost 10 months ago!

Gramma and Grampa arrived at Animal Control within the hour to reclaim their long lost, but not forgotten, “Aria.” It is believed that Aria strayed from her yard and was found by someone with good intentions who kept her, and provided for her care. Aria then found her way to a vacated home and managed to get locked inside the garage. Thanks to alert neighbor boys, Aria was discovered in the nick of time.

Lessons we can learn from Aria’s story:
1) Get your pet microchipped and keep the information current. If the pet loses their collar and tags, the microchip is always there to be scanned. By keeping your personal information up to date with the microchip company, the chances of reuniting your pet with you increase.

2) If you find a stray pet, don’t assume that it has been abandoned. Take it to your local Animal Control, Animal Shelter or Veterinarian’s office to be scanned. It could be someone’s long lost pet.

Aria went right to her favorite rocker for a nap, and knew which cupboard contained her food dish and kibble. It’s as if she was never gone! Aria, we are delighted to have helped in reuniting you with your family once again and that you are finally home!





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