Are You Kitten Smitten? Ten Tell-tail Signs

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Are you kitten smitten? Hint: if you’re reading this, you probably are. Here are ten common symptoms of this syndrome, along with photos of some ridiculously cute kittens. Is this just another excuse to look at adorable kittens? So what’s wrong with that?

First symptom: You can’t stop taking pictures of your kitten and showing them to your friends and people in the check out line at the grocery store.

(Justin Bartlett Animal Rescue/Facebook)

Second symptom: You think everything your kitten does is hilarious, even when it involves buying new blinds so you won’t lose your rent deposit.


Third symptom: When your kitten falls asleep on your computer keyboard, you decide he’s too cute to disturb and leave him there.


Fourth symptom: You go all out and give your kitten his own Instagram account and fantasize about quitting your job when your kitten is famous.


Fifth symptom: You are thinking about getting another kitten to keep your kitten company.


Sixth symptom: You feel sorry for people who don’t have a kitten.


(Image: )

Seventh symptom: You are considering buying a home-monitoring system so you can check in on your kitten when you are away and see what she’s doing.

(Image: Instagram/@winstonsmushface)

Eighth symptom: The person you are dating isn’t as thrilled as you are by your kitten. You decide the relationship is going nowhere and break it off.


Ninth symptom: You watch a video of a cat surfing and decide your kitten has a hidden talent that will amaze everyone as soon as you figure out what it is.


Tenth symptom: You love your kitten even more when it grows up and turns into a cat.

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