Arborist Rob Gillies to the Rescue


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By Karen Harrison Binette

Cat lover and arborist Rob Gillies came to the rescue of Heather Polyi’s kitty Frisky when no one else would or could help. Video shows Rob in action, along with his remarks on doing cat rescues using his expertise.

Frisky got out and ran up the tree on Wednesday while still recuperating from her spay surgery, causing additional worry at her being up the tree and not in the best condition to climb down or be on her own. Heather tells of her efforts to get help before she found Rob.
Rob, from Ridgefield, NJ, is listed in Cat in a Tree Emergency Rescue‘s directory. Heather and Frisky live in nearby Fair Lawn.

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5 thoughts on “Arborist Rob Gillies to the Rescue”

  1. Last labor day, 2016, Rob rescued our kitten who was about 50 feet up in a narrow tree. He came on short notice on a hliday when other people wanted to charge over $500 and couldnt guarantee a rescue. The other services required a truck with a basket (like electric company uses). We werent sure that would ork for the layout of the driveway in relation to the tree he was stuck in.
    Boy were we relieved when he came. He scales the tree like a pro with all the climing equiptment. Theres probably nothing he cant climb.!
    Do not think. Twice, call him right away if this happens.
    Rob, thanks for eveything!

  2. Rob is a super Hero! He rescued our cat twice from a tall and very narrow tree! Thank you Rob, and Thnak you Natallie!

  3. Rob is our Hero! He rescued our kitty twice from tall and very narrow trees! Thank you Rob, Thank You Michelle and Thank you Natallie! People like you
    make a difference in this world!

  4. Rob just came on a Saturday night to help us get our little Georgia out of our tree. What a great fellow. Thanks you rob!

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