Apps For Finding Adoptable Pets Locally

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With so much of everybody’s everyday communication taking place on a phone, it only seems a natural there are apps available for those who are looking to adopt dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies, or a myriad of other animals waiting for their forever homes.  Check out some of these apps to add to your iPhone or Android “just in case” you have the sudden, or not so sudden — because you should consider it carefully, urge to adopt.

  • AllPaws   One of the newer pet adoption apps available for iPhone users, AllPaws positions itself as taking an up-to-date approach to matching possible pet parents to prospective pets.  Using a platform that makes one think of Tinder or Match, it helps people to find the pet that is perfect for them.
  • Petfinder  For both Android and iPhone, Petfinder has some 14,000 adoption groups at the ready with access to more that 370,000 pets of all variety.  It has great search options allowing you to check by area, breed, age, gender, and size, with additional details for pets through swipe and select.  It let’s you flag pets in which you are interested so you can easily locate them again, allows you to get directions, call, or email rescues and shelters, and has breed guides available for review.  There are also Happy Tail stories about adoptions.
  • LikeThat Pets  This Android app let’s you use a picture of the kind of pet you like and it will find pets that are similar in your area available for adoption.  If you can find a picture, LikeThat Pets has a gallery filled with them for you to peruse.  They also promote the use of “Pelfie’s” to share photos of you and your new pet.
  • Pet Adoptions —  Who knew that Overstock not only could help you with home goods and apparel, they use their knowledge for the power of finding you the perfect pet.  On an Android platform, you can search nationwide for adoptable pets from rescues and shelter.   As they say “We’re (  providing this as a public service because a world where there are no homeless pets is a better place to be.”

Having one more way to reach out and encourage people to give a home to a pet who is waiting in a shelter or rescue for someone who will love them and, in return, love back unconditionally gets that all important word out into the world.  These companies that are doing what they can to help deserve a big paws up for helping all of us do the right thing for the love of pets.


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