Another Shelter Offers Online Play With Cats

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Need a quick kitty fix? Thanks to iPet Companion technology, you can hop online and visit another  U.S. live kitty playroom!

You may remember our iPet feature last spring, where we explained the iPet Companion concept.  Imagine this: You are watching cats via a live webcam and, with a click of a mouse, adjust the camera angle and control robotic toys to watch the felines swat, jump and tumble. On Monday, The Clinton Humane Society in Iowa joined the Idaho and Oregon Humane Societies in offering this technology. And according to the iPet site, the Clinton kittens are getting an average of 529 plays a day since the launch.

With iPet Companion, not only have the cats experienced more exercise, people who can’t have pets or just want to experience kitty interaction get an opportunity to watch the cats respond to the joy of play. Of course, the main goal of iPet Companion is to get the cats adopted so they get lots and lots of live human interaction…and the numbers speak for themselves, with an 18% increase in kitten adoptions.

Visiting the cats is easy — just click on one of the links below and follow the instructions. The programs works with the Explorer, Safari, and Firefox browsers. Once on the site, you’ll see the view of the live webcam and be shown your spot in queue, as well as your wait time. But waiting is nearly as fun as playing because you get to watch the other humans interacting with the kitties. There’s even a very active chat window where you can talk about the kitties with other cat fanciers. What’s not to love?

Ready to visit? Click on a link to be directed to the webcam at one of the shelters or watch the video to see the Clinton kitties at play! I played with the Idaho cats and have to say it was one of the best giggles I’d had in a while.  In particular, a certain ginger tabby jumped, pranced and completely stole my heart.  You really must try it!

Note: The Clinton playroom has been very active lately, often with several minutes of wait time.  You may have better luck for immediate play by visiting one of the other two rooms.

Clinton Humane Society Kitty Playroom

Idaho Humane Society’s Kitty Playroom

Oregon Humane Society’s Kitty Playroom

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