Anonymous Donor Pays Abused Kitten’s $1,200 Vet Bill

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Little Hemingway was taken to the Johnson Veterinary Hospital  in Lawrence, Massachusetts last Thursday with a broken jaw after being released to Animal Control by his so-called guardian. Animal Control Officer Ellen Bistany visited 30 year old Edwin Hernandez that day in response to a report of “a kitten that was dying” in Hernandez’ room in a Lawrence rooming house.

Hernandez said he hadn’t hurt the 4 week old kitten, telling officer Bistany “Someone must have came into my room while I was sleeping and hurt my cat.” He also told the officer he got angry when the kitten defecated on his bed. Hernandez agreed to give up the kitten, and was issued a summons for animal cruelty. Officer Bistany believes Hernandez threw the kitten against the wall in a fit of anger. He will attend a hearing before a clerk magistrate, and will then be arraigned on animal cruelty charges if the magistrate determines that there is sufficient evidence to proceed.

A story in yesterday’s Lawrence Eagle Tribune that included an appeal for donations for Hemingway’s medical care brought an outpouring of support from the community. Dozens of people made donations to the hospital for Hemingway, and one longtime client of the hospital, who asked to remain anonymous, paid the kitten’s $1,200 emergency bill in full. The additional monies will be placed in an emergency treatment fund by the hospital.

Johnson Veterinary Hospital receptionist Janet Linehan said people have “absolutely been so generous,” and said the man who paid Hemingway’s bill “didn’t even ask for a receipt.”




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