Animal Lovers Seek Help For Cat Trapped in Vacant Kroger Store

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Kitty inside the vacant store.


Local animal lovers are concerned for a cat seen inside a vacant store building formerly occupied by Kroger supermarkets on Hwy 64 in Lakeland Tennessee. Unable to get help from the police, the fire department, or anyone currently associated with the property, those concerned turned to the news media and got WREG Channel 3 from Memphis to come out for a story. The cat didn’t show herself for the cameras when they peered through the shop windows, but she is thought to spend time hidden away up in the ceiling of the store.

Kroger no longer has any connection with the building. WREG asked the landlord responsible for the property about the cat and got a response saying he “has a lot more important things to do than to worry about than a cat stuck inside the old Kroger.” Some passersby showed a similar lack of concern, but many hope to see the cat get help.

If plans made yesterday can be carried out, humane traps will be set out for the cat today.

Mike Bauch posted late yesterday afternoon at Photos of Lost and Found Pets of the MidSouth on Facebook, saying “I know someone who has access to the bldg. and we went in looking for the cat. She ran up in the ceiling when entered. He said he will call me tomorrow to let me trap the cat. I WILL NOT TRAP THE CAT UNLESS SOMEONE STEPS UP AND WILL TAKE THE CAT. I have six dogs. Again, I will get the cat if someone can take her. She is not pregnant and has NO kittens. She rubs against the window wanting a home. She’s just scared.”

Beth-Andy Kohn Gresham followed up, saying “The rescuers have been working on this ALL day as we promised. We were told around 4pm today that there will be workers in the building tomorrow and we will be setting a humane trap in an attempt to capture this kitty. They will be contacting us tomorrow on a time to come out. One of the rescuers was allowed to walk thru the building today but the cat was scared and would not come to them. Food and water was left for the cat today.”

Another person indicated that there is a way in to the building, known to some who have entered to leave food for the cat, who is know to spend time hidden up in the ceiling. Attempts to catch the cat without traps have been unsuccessful. Those expressing concern for the cat are trying to find a foster caregiver to take her after she is captured and removed from the building.

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