Animal Lovers Destroy Gas Chamber in Charity Demolition Event

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Photos, John Kuntz for The Cleveland Plain Dealer


A reporter and photographer from The Cleveland Plain Dealer were on hand today for the demolition of the Medina County, OH Animal Shelter’s gas chamber.

30 participants made donations  to the Medina County SPCA for the privilege of bashing and cutting through the lethal gas chamber that was used to kill thousands of animals at the county shelter in its  20 years in use.

As reported by the Plain Dealer in September 2013, Medina County was using the gas chamber to kill hundreds of cats every year despite the fact that it had stopped using it to kill dogs several years ago in response to public outcry and opposition.  The county made the decision to stop using the chamber after the story was published and said it would be put up for sale in an online auction.

Many were appalled at the thought of the gas chamber being sold at auction, and the county commissioners voted to turn the device over to the Medina county SPCA for $1 plus the amount a scrap yard would pay for the metal, after an anonymous donor offered $10,000 to the SPCA’s cat program on condition that the chamber be destroyed.

The 40 or so attendees at today’s event held a moment of silence for the animals who lost their lives so horribly in the apparatus before setting to work smashing the glass, cutting holes in it and dismantling its parts.

The event raised $2,500 for the SPCA while making a symbolic gesture about the barbaric killing method that will no longer claim the lives of the county’s homeless companion animal

The scrap yard also got into the spirit of the event. The Plain Dealer wrote in today’s story:

CRD Metals, of Lodi, arrived at the SPCA at 3 p.m. to load the battered chamber onto a truck.

“We are animal lovers, so we are going to pay the SPCA double what the metal is worth for the privilege of crushing the chamber into a little cube,” CRD manager Kevin Willis said.

Willis said he will videotape the chamber being crushed in his company’s compactor and give a copy of the tape to the SPCA, which director Stephanie Moore will post on the group’s website.

The Plain Dealer has provided ongoing coverage of this story over the past several months. You can read the full story of today’s demolition event HERE.

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