Animal Hospital Saves Kimmy’s Life After Others Turn Him Away

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A South Florida cat and his family are doing much better thanks to the generosity and caring of a local animal hospital.

Kimmy’s family was shaken up and desperate earlier this week, with no one willing to help after a dog bite to the face left the cat’s left eye protruding from the socket. Several animal hospitals turned Kimmy away when his owner, who recently lost her job, was unable to pay $600 up front before treatment.

According to Lucy Sanabria, she “went to several vets, and they said, ‘Sorry, if you don’t have cash up front, we cannot help you.'”

Unlike the other vets, Coral Springs Animal Hospital took on Kimmy’s case without mentioning the money.

“We just heard there was a patient in need,” said Dr. Sullivan, “and I thought if there is something I can do to help this kitten, ’cause I heard about how traumatic this was.”

Shayne Gardner said,  “We like to do pro bono work throughout the year to give back to the community that gives so much to us.”

Kimmy’s eye was put back into place before he was prepared for surgery.  He will lose the eye but is expected to make a full recovery.

As the Channel 7 report below states, last week Coral Springs Animal Hospital partnered with Channel 7 viewers to treat a dog who was suffering extreme effects of smoke inhalation after being pulled from a burnt out home. The little dog did not make it, but at least he was given a chance.



3 thoughts on “Animal Hospital Saves Kimmy’s Life After Others Turn Him Away”

  1. It can’t never be about money- vets have to make a living too. But I think that when there is a life-threatening emergency, they should make an exception to their usual up-front fee so that people don’t have to watch their beloved pets die in agony. I think the true animal loving vets are the ones who will do that. The ones who are just in it to make money will probably not be flexible. Thank goodness for vets like Dr. Sullivan. I hope that his kindness will not be abused so that others with like emergencies will have the same opportunity to have their pet treated and pay later.

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