Animal Haven Adoption Stories: Profiles of Love

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Cat lover Suzy Anders is featured in one of three adoption stories that make up a video promoting the work of NYC shelter and adoption organization Animal Haven. The video shows the ‘happily ever after’ side of shelter adoption, when adopted dogs and cats have become beloved and adored family members.

The first two segments of the 6 minute video visit two families who have adopted dogs from Animal Haven; the third, which comes in at minute 3:45 visits Suzi in her home as she talks about volunteering, fostering and adoption. Shortly after becoming a shelter volunteer for Animal Haven, Suzi agreed to foster Lola so the cat could have her kittens in a home environment. Lola came to stay, though, and found herself a permanent, loving home.

Suzi maintains an active YouTube channel, where she posts videos of cats awaiting adoption at both Animal Haven and Bideawee’s shelters, along with videos of her own cats and interesting sights she finds on her daily travels in the city. The cat shelter videos generally feature Suzi’s commentary on the cats from one who knows them, interspersed with her conversations with the animals. Readers who followed the story of Sponge Bob may recall that it was Suzy’s two videos of him that sparked the media attention which brought him worldwide fame.

Suzi has been a good friend to Life With Cats, and we are thrilled to see her recognized here. She truly has a good and loving heart, especially where the kitties are concerned.

The first two segments of the video give sweet and charming glimpses into the lives of two adopted dogs and their doting families.  There is a part of the population that considers it downmarket, depressing or problematic to adopt shelter pets; these stories show a happy reality where adoption brings the best outcome for pets and their families.


Animal Haven Adoption Stories

Thanks to our friends at Park Pictures, we are pleased to share this wonderful compilation of adoption stories with you. Each day at Animal Haven, new stories begin and families expand when someone decides to open their home and heart to a homeless animal. We enrich our pets’ lives, but not half as much as their enrich ours.

Adopt truly is the hip option!

Adopt. Volunteer. Donate.

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  1. Dear Karen,
    You can only imagine how honored I am to be here on your site in this adoption vid along with the other loving families that adopted. Your words have made me feel good to the core and I’m humbled as well. Life With Cats is the arrow that shoots from the bow.
    My love to u as always, Suzi

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