Animal Control Officer and Advocates Seek Prosecution for Teen Kitten Killers

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McCracken County, KY animal control officer Chrystal George vows that she and the Sheriff’s Department will rigorously prosecute three Lone Oak teens who were arrested Wednesday for killing two kittens on Sunday. George says she appreciates the support of animal advocates who are asking the court to take the killings seriously.

The teens are accused of torturing two kittens that were dropped off at a playing field in a box, then killing them with a large rock. The alleged killings came to light when the boys posted about the incident in a series of tweets at Twitter. Among the tweets are two photos of one of the kittens, captioned “before” and “after”. The kitten is alive and being held by one of the boys in the before photo, and is laying brutally beaten and dead in the after photo.

A group of about 25 people protested in front of the county courthouse on Thursday, speaking out on behalf of justice for the two kittens.

“Animal cruelty will not be tolerated,” said advocate Misti Wagner, who noted that the protest was about sending a message. “I understand they’re kids but we want to serve as an example to other kids, this isn’t okay.”

Chrystal George, who investigated the case along with the sheriff’s office, says she is humbled to see the support and promises to seek justice for the kittens.”We are not going to back down. We will prosecute,” she said.

The teens are charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty, a charge that normally carries a $500 fine and up to 12 months in jail. Because the teens are under 18 they will by prosecuted through the juvenile court system. Their punishment, if they are found guilty, would consist of community service and up to 90 days in juvenile detention.

This new report from WPSD TV covers the protest and recaps the story of the crimes.



This earlier report gives a graphic account of the crimes and how the incident was posted at Twitter. Photos from the scene, though mostly blurred out, are very disturbing, still. Be warned. Please watch only if you feel that you need to bear witness to what occurred.

10 thoughts on “Animal Control Officer and Advocates Seek Prosecution for Teen Kitten Killers”

  1. I so agree with you, robbye clasen. I fully understand all the comments saying they should suffer like those poor kittens. Indeed that was my initial reaction, but I doubt using physical violence against them would teach them anything. Letting them work under strict supervision in an animal shelter, not just the dirty jobs but interacting with the animals would hopefully show them that animals have personalities and feel emotions just like humans. They obviously have never been taught that animals are sentient beings.

  2. I am OUTRAGED! what bothers me almost as much as the incident itself is that I highly doubt these kids will receive a harsh enough punishment. We are far too lax with penalties for heinous crimes as these! This… following the incident in Ohio where several children poked and stomped a kitten to near death (had to be euthanized) and they haven’t prosecuted these kids yet!!! what is going on here people! what does this say about children’s actions these days!!? I am sick and tired of a legal system that clearly doesnt work, and parents who dont take responsibility for their kids actions! probably some EXCUSE for why they did it then all the bleeding hearts feel sorry for the kid! and then will comments like: ” its ONLY a kitten..” BUll!!! they need to PAY! ENOUGH ALREADY!

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