Animal Advocacy Day Planned for June 1

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Photo: mowT, Flckr Creative Commons

Sponsored by State Assemblyman James Tedisco and State Senator Greg Ball, New York State’s first-ever Animal Advocacy Day hopes to draw thousands.

In 1999, a campaign led by animal rights activists resulted in the passage of Buster’s Law. Based on the incident involving a cat named Buster who was set on fire by a neighbor, the law created the felony category of “aggravated cruelty to animals,” punishable by up to two years in prison and a $5,000 fine. Before this law was enacted, if any charges were imposed at all, they were misdemeanor penalties. Since it passed, more than 346 convictions statewide have resulted from cases under Buster’s Law. Ten people have been sent to prison and 118 sentenced to jail or jail and probation under the law, according to state Department of Criminal Justice Services numbers.

On June 1, beginning at 9:30am in the Well of the Legislative Office Building in Albany, attendees will gather and network with animal advocacy groups and meet other animal lovers. After the 11:00am keynote speaker, they will have time to lobby their local legislators with the intention of strengthening Buster’s Law. This will be their opportunity to share the changes they’d like to see in the penalties for abuse convictions.

Assemblyman Tedisco’s chief of staff, said he hopes “all types of people interested in animal rights will attend and fill the area. We are hoping for thousands of people.”

For additional information about Animal Advocacy Day, visit their Facebook page or contact the offices of Assemblyman Tedisco at 518-370-2812 or Senator Ball at 518 455-3111 or 518-455-5772.

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