Angel Gets Her Wheels and Gets Even by Living Well

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Angel was left, severely crippled, in a cat carried near a McDonalds in Toronto in November of 2012, and had the good fortune to end up in the care of Karen Beharrell of Special Ones cat Rescue. We covered her story on December 2, with Rescuers Care for Angel and Search For Her Abuser.

Angel remains with Karen, is doing well, and has a greatly improved quality of life since receiving wheels from K9 Carts in December.  Her story continues as two stories: that of the young cat getting a chance at a good life, and that of the friends and rescuers who continue to search for her abuser.

Lillian Szilagy, who made the original video on Angel, just released this new video on Angel that is touching, inspiring and empowering. If you agree with our estimation of the video, and the importance of spreading the word, please share. You can share this post or just the video, or both. The Special Ones Rescue group at Facebook welcomes new members, also.

Lilly introduces the new video:

Toronto, Canada — Special Ones Cat Rescue is offering a reward in hopes of finding whoever abused the kitten Angel.

Angel has a message for her abusers! You tried but failed and I live and we will find you!

If you have any information which might help catch Angel’s abusers, please contact the OSPCA, (1-888-668-7722) or Crime Stoppers (1-800-222-TIPS)

Please join us on facebook at Special Ones Cat Rescue to see updates on this special girl. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for watching and maybe we can find out who did this to Angel

Angel was found in a carrier on November 14,2012 at the Mc Donalds at Bathurst/Dundas street in Toronto. She has a broken spine and ribs (some of the
injuries are old) and needs care from a specialist and given a chance at life!

The first vet and rescue who saw Angel said she should be euthanized as she will have no quality of a good life. Special Ones Cat Rescue took her in after being told about this little girl’s zest for life.This little lady deserves to shine brightly and we will do whatever we can to help.

This video is Angel’s voice when all others wanted to silence her.


An article titled Angel The Injured Kitten Now Wheeling Around On Mobility Cart on SamaritanMag tells more about Angel’s progress, Karen Beharrell’s thoughts on possibly adopting her, and commentary from K9 Carts about how they heard about Angel and provided a customized carts for her free of charge as a gift during the Christmas season. The pet wheelchair cats company says it regularly provides mobility carts for rescues.

City News Toronto reported, Angel gets a new set of wheels, on December 12, 2012:

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