Andy The Peek a Boo Kitty

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We heard from VOKRA (Vancouver Orphaned Kitten Rescue Association) volunteer Sharon, who wrote to share the story of Andy.

After living for many years as a stray, Andy needed help when he got himself into a jam.  He allowed himself to be coaxed to safety, then blossomed and found a loving home.

Sharon writes:

Andy came from an alley in Surrey BC, where he lived for many years as a feral cat. He had several kind ladies feeding him. In January he had the misfortune of getting locked inside a storage shed for 2 weeks before one of his feeders heard him crying and called for help. She tracked down the owner of the locked shed and his rescuers were able to get him out safely, but not before convincing him to come down out of a tiny hole in the ceiling!

After having some bad teeth removed at the vet, Andy was taken to Katie’s Place, an amazing cat shelter in Maple Ridge B.C. The kindness of his caretakers turned this little feral into a cuddly love bug and he and another rescued cat named Ashley were recently adopted into a forever home together.

His rescuers have given him the opportunity to spend his retirement years in love and comfort and are of course delighted to see him so happy!

Ed. Note: Thanks to Sharon for writing with Andy’s story and links to his videos, and to her fellow VOKRA volunteer Irene, who admins the wonderful Crazy about Cats Facebook page, for also telling us about Andy and sharing his rescue video.
This video shows Andy’s dramatic rescue:

Here is Andy getting some love and learning to trust, safe at Katie’s Place after his rescue:

“This is Andy, a sweet, cuddly boy at Katie’s Place Animal Shelter in Maple Ridge, BC. He is a bit timid when you first approach him – he’s new and is still learning to trust – but just a few patient moments could earn you some of these amazing cuddles.”



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