Andee Rescued Highway Kitten Gets A Home


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By Karen Harrison Binette

Andee was spotted hobbling along the roadside on Rt. 101 in Marin County CA one day last June, tiny, dehydrated and with a fractured leg. A Marin Humane Society officer rescued her and the Society gave her the care she needed. Now she has found a home.

Andee was rescued on June 20 by Marin Humane Society staffer Andy O’Brien when a driver called the society to report seeing the little kitten walking along the highway in the midday heat. Andee was suffering from the heat, along with her fracture, so officer O’Brien rushed her to the facility with his AC blasting on high.

Marin Humane Society, located in Novato CA, is a long established and truly humane and well run facility with a placement rate that many shelters can only dream of. They say that they find homes for virtually all their animals. Despite that, even MHS is finding itself with a surplus of kittens and cats this year, like so many shelters everywhere.

The very young, tiny, one pound gray tabby cat was fortunate to come to MHS, where she was guaranteed the care she needed. Andee had surgery, and had the tip of her injured tail removed; then she stayed with a foster family for a month as she healed and grew.

She has now found a home with Chris and Veronica Harrell of Terra Linda, who learned about Andee through a news story on her. “She’s super outgoing and has really just made herself comfortable and is running around like she owns the place,” reports Chris. “She’s jumping and doing back flips.”

Andee’s story is another of a kitten in need who was saved and rehabilitated, then moved on to a good life.

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  1. My youngest has a similar story. I found him on the side of the road at a busy intersection. When I pulled over, he ran out. Luckily, the cars were stopped and he jumped on the tire of a car. I got him out and put him in my car, then he climbed in my dash board! It took us all day to get him out, and now he’s a big, happy one year old boy.

  2. Few years back I found a kitten on my way back from work, the little guy didn’t make it though as he was sick and dehydrated. We think his mother abandoned him when she sensed he was dying. I’m glad this sweetheart was more lucky!

  3. One of my cats was abandoned and found by an employee of the pet resort where we board our animals. She was in a cage in the front counter and my husband bonded with her. She was still there at the end of the weekend so we brought her home. I love happy ending stories like Andee’s and my Booties.

  4. Oh my goodness….that brought happy tears to my eyes. Thank you so much fo saving Andee. You all are a Godsend!! Many happy years ahead 🙂

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