Anakin Update With Video: Making Biscuits After Surgery

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Anakin is Carrie Hawks’ amazing kitten born without a pelvis and hind legs. He is healthy and incredibly mobile, and lives a mostly normal life. Carrie found Anakin as a young kitten when he came to eat at a feeding station where her father works; she rescued him on May 31 of this year. Shortly after his adoption, Anakin had to be treated at the vet for a rectal prolapse caused by effects of the parasite Coccidia. He had no further health issues until August 11 when a bout of diarrhea brought on another rectal prolapse. He had surgery on August 12 at the emergency vet and the diarrhea and resultant prolapse were determined to have been caused by the parasite Giardia. Anakin is taking Panacur for the Giardia, as are the other cats in the household, as a precaution.

A setback on August 14 prompted Carrie to write her website Anakin the Two Legged Cat, ” This afternoon he was trying so hard to poop and couldn’t get it out. Instead it was all forming a big ball blocking him up. I took him back to our vet and they had to cut out the stitches and do an enema on him to clean him out. After that, the prolapse was all back out again and very swollen. They kept Ani for the afternoon and he had another surgery to put new stitches in place. They checked his urine while he was under for surgery and found it had more bacteria in it than normal, so he is on antibiotics for that. He also still has pain meds that I give him twice a day. I picked Anakin up and brought him home. As soon as I got him out of the carrier, I could see what I thought was the red of the prolapse there. So I brought him right back. Luckily, I live about 5 minutes away from our vet. She looked at his behind and said it was just the swelling coming out, not the prolapse. She put something else on him to reduce the swelling and also something to numb back there. They also decided to give him some fluids to help keep him hydrated and hopefully keep everything soft. So I’m back home with Ani, he is sleeping in the bathroom.”

By the following day, Anakin was pooping normally, Carrie was relieved, and he was on the mend. He has continued to do well and is expected to have his stitches removed, and to lose the cone, at a followup visit tomorrow.

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Here is Anakin making biscuits during his recovery, while wearing the dreaded cone.

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