Anakin Two Legged Cat Running and Climbing the Cat Tower

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Miracle kitty Anakin, born without a pelvis or hind legs, was rescued by Carrie Hawks last year when he was a tiny kitten. Carrie brought the kitten home when she discovered him coming to eat at a feeding station. Once Anakin was big and strong enough, he joined the rest of Carrie’s cats and has the run of the house. Anakin is healthy and highly mobile, and lives a mostly normal life.

Carrie Hawks writes:
In this video I’m answering a few of the questions most asked about Anakin. Can Anakin Run? Why doesn’t he have Wheels? Does Anakin Climb well? How does he get down from where he’s climbed? This was just to get a little video of Anakin running. I do not usually make him run unless he wants to. All of my kitties will run for Treats and as you can see Anakin runs great! Right now, Anakin gets around just fine without wheels. Wheels would hinder his ability to climb his cat tower and his freedom to go where he wants to go in our home. When Ani runs he holds his behind up off the floor. It looks like his backend is hovering when he runs. We will definitely get him wheels when he is older if he needs them. Anakin would never be able to climb his cat tower dragging wheels behind him. He is very happy to be able to climb where he wants to like the couch, chairs, our bed, and of course his cat tower. Anakin hops down from wherever he has climbed with no problems at all.

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3 thoughts on “Anakin Two Legged Cat Running and Climbing the Cat Tower”

  1. Wonderful! He looks so bright and happy – never having known anything else, his disability doesn’t bother him at all. I hope he won’t get trouble with his back as he gets older though.

  2. Anakin blows me away. The quickness in which he moves and his agility is beyond incredible. He certainly doesn’t know he’s disabled and acts just like any other. He’s so cute too and his personality shines. Anakin is a very special cat 🙂

  3. I completely understand and agree with your decision on Anankin NOT having wheels. I too have a handicapped kitty. Zoey cannot use her back legs due to abuse. When I first adopted her I took her to 3 different vet’s who all agreed she could live a full happy life as she was. Wheels would only disable her further as they would limit her activites. Like Anakin she can climb on her tree, our furniture, and even pull herself on our bed. I am retired so I help her out whenever she looks a bit tired or seems to view something as an obstacle. She is happy and healthy and very well cared for. She may look a bit odd to some but she is loved and happy. I can tell Anakin is too. He is doing just great as he is and his Mom will be able to tell when he is having a problem. Love to Anakin and his family!!!!

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