Anakin the Two Legged Miracle Cat Catches a Fly Like a Ninja

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Anakin, the amazing kitty born without a pelvis or hind legs, show his lightning fast reflexes in this video.

Anakin’s petmom and rescuer Carrie Hawkes writes:

Anakin has got some super fast ninja reflexes! I thought I’d just get a little video of him bobbing his head around following a fly & trying to catch it. Silly me! He caught that fly & ate it within seconds! It all happened so fast! I know now there is a very, very slim chance that flies could carry parasites, so there will be no more fly eating for Ani!

Meet Anakin! Ani is a two legged cat, born without a pelvis or back legs but that doesn’t stop him. He is full of love & life! My family and I rescued Anakin and I am caring for him. My [Carrie Hawkes’] family and I are lifelong animal lovers and will give Ani the absolute best possible home, love and care. I will be posting updates, photos and videos of Anakin on his Facebook page, Twitter and YouTube as he grows.
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