Anakin the Two Legged Kitten, Playing in the Hallway & Meeting Trixie

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In a heartwarming and fun video, Anakin lives and plays with utter joy as he explores the world outside his little nest. The rescued miracle kitten born without a pelvis and hind legs is now ready to leave the security of  the bathroom for the big wide world of the hallway. Freedom, toys, and friends are fun!

Anakin’s rescuer and petmom carrie Hawks says:
Anakin now has the bathroom & hallway to play in during the day. He loves the extra room & being able to see what’s going on in the rest of the house. Trixie and the other cats have been coming over to see him too.
Ani is a two legged cat, born without a pelvis or back legs but that doesn’t stop him. He is full of love & life! My family and I rescued Anakin and I am caring for him. My family and I are lifelong animal lovers and will give Ani the absolute best possible home, love and care.

For more on Anakin’s story and for more videos, click HERE.

You can also follow his progress and activities at his Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Anakin the Two Legged Kitten, Playing in the Hallway & Meeting Trixie”

  1. This little ball of energy has no idea he’s missing two legs! He’s as mobile as any of my four-legged kitties ever were! God bless him.

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