Anakin Being a Brat to Trixie, Cat With Two Legs Playing

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Miracle kitty Anakin, born without a pelvis or hind legs, was rescued by Carrie Hawks last year when he was a tiny kitten. Carrie brought the kitten home when she discovered him coming to eat at a feeding station. Once Anakin was big and strong enough, he joined the rest of Carrie’s cats and has the run of the house. Anakin is healthy and highly mobile, and lives a mostly normal life.

Carrie Hawks writes:

Anakin can be a feisty little man when he feels like it. I usually catch him chasing Pixie around the house BUT this time Trixie was getting all the “LOVE”! Trixie just wanted to sleep like a queen on the top of the tower but Anakin had other ideas. Ani does some pretty fancy spins and flips around while messing with Trixie. Of course he had to get the last hit in at the end and then look at me all sweet and innocent.

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