American Legion Helps Fight Cat Overpopulation

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Photo: Felicia Wichrowski

Thanks to a $1,500 donation from the American Legion Rex Ish Post 88, Turlock Animal Services will be be able to offer vouchers for discounted spay/neuter services.

Like nearly anywhere, Turlock, CA has a cat overpopulation issue.  Bob Russell, a member of Post 88 sees the shelters are overrun with surrendered domesticated cats and the feral population is growing as well.  He knows the only way to stop the problem in its tracks is to spay and neuter. Thankfully, the other members of the Legion post were onboard and decided to give Turlock Animal Services $1,500 to subsidize some of the costs for those who need the assistance.  The costs could end up being as low as $10. Additionally, residents will receive a free microchip for their cat.

Although the shelter does not have the resources to trap cats, they do rent humane traps for a nominal deposit.  They hope the $30 voucher program will encourage residents to bring their cats to participating veterinarians, as well as assist in TNR efforts.  The program will begin soon and full details will be available on the shelter’s Facebook page.

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  1. my dad was a legionaire and i must say thank you so much for this bit of news. the biggest problem today for people is that vet service is so unreasonably high that most people do not spay their animals. It is getting hard enough to feed them without doing anything fancy vet wise to them. I lived in Brasil and in the state I lived in they have a policy: take your cat to have a rabies shot and then you can go to the state office of zoonosis and they will give you a permission card for you to go and have your animal spayed for free. I did this with 3 of my cats (that is all they allow per year) and had it done. it was a very nice clinic as well. this is what they should be offering here as well. or at least offer that a person must pay a token fee like $5 or so…

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