Ambulance Driver Feeds Stray Cats of War Torn Aleppo

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As civil war rages around him, a Syrian ambulance driver spends his free time and his savings feeding orphaned cats in his largely deserted neighborhood, which emptied out after shelling by forces loyal to Syria’s president Bashar Al-Assad.

When he’s not treating casualties of the Syrian civil war, ambulance driver Alaa helps the forgotten furry victims of the conflict, feeding about 150 stray cats in the Masaken Hanano neighborhood of Aleppo who’ve been orphaned or abandoned as a result of the war.

It is estimated that half the population of Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, has been displaced during the four years long, and sadly ongoing, conflict. The city has suffered greatly since a major rebel offensive begun in July 2012.

As though things were not bad enough for the city’s remaining inhabitants, ISIS militants are gathering outside the city’s perimeter and the US has commenced airstrikes against the militants.

Amid the fighting and the disruption of a normal daily life, Alaa daily feeds the many cats who now depend on his generosity and dedication. The cats’ benefactor spends the equivalent of $4 per day on meat for the animals and says he had been feeding them for more than two months.





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  1. @Rita what is your point exactly? Nancy Robinson is just trying to be helpful as the Harmony Fund may be able to help him out in this is war torn area. He obviously cares about cats. Like many humans caught in war, animals have noone to help them out. A very selfless act.

  2. I understand that it may be SPANA (Society for the Protection of Animals in North Africa) who may be the people to contact about this. I will endeavour to find out. SPANA mainly helps equines but it’s worth trying to find out.

  3. He should get help. Especially to spay and neuter and feed the cats. But how is it possible in a place torn apart in war?

  4. well, I am from there, i can tell you that if you hurt a street cat there be sure someone will jump out of nowhere and hurt you back, cats they rest on cars they won’t even care if you try to push them down they r that much happy and content, every house has a cat or feeds stray cats, my grandma had around 15 cats in her garden before she days, my parents has 5 in their big flat, feeding cats today became a big challenge, as a can of cats food costs around 15 US dollars, for my parents they need 2 everyday, this is how hard it is there for humans and animals.

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