Amazing Reunion for Cat and Kittens After House Fire

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Red Paw Emergency Relief Team made two rescues that made for one very gratifying reunion this week!

“Monday morning, June 25, 2012, around 1am Red Paw Emergency Relief Team was called by the Red Cross to respond to a house fire in “South Philly” for six kittens! When we got there we were told the momma cat ran off and was unable to be caught. Sadly, one of the kittens died in the fire and we searched for the mom for three days with no luck.

Today [Thursday, June 28] we were called by the Red Cross again. They had gotten a call for a cat who was in a house fire in “Southwest Philly “and abandoned in the burnt out building by the owner. A good Samaritan named AJ, rescued her from the home and had her in his car with the air running for 3 hours while he was at work! After speaking with him and hearing his concerns for her health, he drove the cat to Red Paw where the kittens are staying.

This cat had obviously just given birth. Not putting two and two together right away, or ever thinking it would be possible, we joked about how we had a mom with no kittens and kittens with no mom.

As we talked out all the details further we realized that the area where the kittens were rescued is sometimes refereed to as “Southwest Philly” and that the new cat fit the description of the missing momma. We quickly called the owner to see if her missing cat had been wearing a flea collar, she was! And it was green! After confirming white paws and a white strip on her nose we knew it had to be true!!

Watch as this displaced feline family is reunited after three days apart!”


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