Amazing Rescue: See How These Kittens Were Retrieved from Drain Pipe

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When a Detroit area homeowner heard a tiny mewing coming from underneath the porch, Michigan Humane Society team members were dispatched to the scene for the rescue, but it turned out to have some unexpected challenges.

Chris Ouwerkerk was able to determine the sound was coming from a drain pipe tucked next to the house.  It was a tight squeeze at best, with no easy way to access the pipe, so with a bit of resourcefulness and some leashes, he cobbled together a rope that after an extended period allowed him to fish out the tiny, wet, and slimy kitten.

However, as everyone was packing things up to get the little guy to MHS to get checked out, cleaned up, fed, and warmed, Ouwerkerk thought he heard another plaintive cry.  Trying to elicit more cries as they searched, one of their team played cat sounds on her phone.  Investigating, they discovered there was not one, but two more kittens down a second pipe. Using the same technique, they were able to extract one, but the other remained reluctant. With the two rescued kittens frightened and cold, the decision was made to drop the leash back into the drain with the hope the remaining kitten would choose to climb up when the others were taken back to MHS.

Ouwekerk was pleased to find the remaining kitten was, indeed, at the top of the pipe, just underneath the cover, when they returned and was easily rescued.

The kittens, now named Logan, Lucas and Gabriel, are doing well and will soon be ready to find their forever homes thanks to the ingenuity of the rescuers from the Michigan Humane Society.


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