Amazing Expo Center Is Home to 1,200 Animals

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From cattle and cats to chickens and dogs, they’ve all found safe harbor from flooding at the remarkable Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, Louisiana.

“It may look like mass confusion, but the plan is here,” Dr. Becky Adcock told The Advocate. “The cavalry is here.” Adcock is a veterinarian and director of the shelter, which does not currently need donations. The animals are on an indefinite hold, she said, and will not be adopted out before owners can pick them up, according to the report in The Advocate.

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Both volunteers and state workers are devotedly caring for 450 dogs, 109 cats, 333 horses, 139 cattle, 44 pigs, 123 goats, and 27 exotic animals at the Expo Center in the wake of historic flooding in Louisiana, according to a report by WFSA, an affiliate of NBC News.

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(Hilary Sheinuk/The Advocate)

Gov. John Bel Edwards came to visit and was pleased to see that chickens are also being looked after, according to The Advocate. All of the animals at the Expo Center had been abandoned or stranded or are pets who could not be co-located with their owners.

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The animals are all being looked after and given food, water and veterinary care, provided by the Louisiana Start Animal Response Team, the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine and the American Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty. More than 750 pet crates have been used, plus 1680 pounds of dry food and 24 cans of wet food.

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