Alleged Hoarder Allowed to Keep 29 Cats and One Dog

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Until her case is decided in court, Elizabeth Owen, owner of Sacred Vision animal Sanctuary, will get to keep 29 cats and one dog.

The 30 animals, which were Owen’s personal pets, were among the 227 seized after a court hearing on Tuesday. The seizure followed PETA investigation footage presented to the Solicitor’s office last week.  The undercover PETA representative, posing as a volunteer, claims Owen was hoarding the neglected cats and keeping them in filthy conditions.

To view both the TV news and PETA investigation videos, click here.

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  1. I feel for these ppl. Theres no doubt that she loves them, but theres no excuse for letting them live filthy. Hoarding is an actual disability its sad really.

  2. Hell no, what is wrong with the authorities. That monster should not be allowed anywhere near any type of animal.

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