Alleged Animal Abuser Charged

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Police rescued and recovered neglected and dead dogs, cats, a rabbit, a bird, and a hedgehog from a woman’s home and pet store.

Debora Van Oort recently opened Forever Puppies in a strip mall in Lantana, Florida. The landlord questioned her motives for owning the store, which was found to be unlicensed at the time Van Oort was charged. He said he wondered if she was using the space as a front for what the animal control officials called her history of “stockpiling” animals.

The landlord notified Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control after he suspected dead puppies on the other side of the glass. Upon investigation, police discovered five dead cats and dogs frozen in her freezer, two dead dogs in her shop and dozens of sickly, starving animals roaming around her apartment. One cat was described as a walking skeleton. Other animals had been constrained in feces and urine covered cages. The only animal that appeared to have food was the hedgehog.

According to the Palm Beach Post, one of her previous shops, Top Shelf Puppies, was busted  for importing animals from large Midwestern puppy mills.

7 thoughts on “Alleged Animal Abuser Charged”

  1. i don’t understand why people who obviously do not like animals & have no room for them in their hearts or home always insist on having a whole herd of them! What a cruel & insensitive numbskull!

  2. I don’t understand how people say/believe they are helping these animals, but don’t see the filth, the hunger, the DEAD animals? I think mental health workers need to start looking at certain traits these people have and start reining them in before it get’s out of control, like this.

  3. From what I was able to gather from the article, it does not sound like this woman is the typical hoarder… hoarders typically believe that they’re honestly trying to do what is right for the animals. I get the feeling that this woman was acquiring animals to make a profit, particularly since she was getting several of her animals from puppy mills. Hopefully the legal system will punish her appropriately… jail time and a nice sized fine, and she will be banned from ever owning animals again.

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