Alert: Hairless Sphinx Cat Scam

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If you’re planning on buying a cat in the future, and if you have your eye on a Sphinx, then you need to be aware of a recent scam that’s been circulating. Hairless Sphinx cats being sold on Kijiji are actually kittens which have been shaved.

Many people prefer hairless Sphinx cats because they are more tolerable for those with cat allergies. Additionally, there’s no shedding to worry about, plus the breed is very distinctive. Unfortunately, purebred Sphinx cats can be expensive.

A woman has been selling supposed Sphinx cats on the Alberta Kijiji for $650 each, which is substantially less than one would pay when buying from a breeder. It seems that the scam has also spread to Facebook, as multiple buyers have been duped, only discovering the scam a few weeks later when the cats start to grow hair.

In all of the cases, the cell phone number supplied to the buyers was no longer working when the buyers went to the police.

If you plan on buying a cat, make sure that you’re working with a reputable breeder. If the price for a purebred cat seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

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