Ahhhhhhh….Give Your Cat a Well-Deserved Massage

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Everyone loves getting a massage now and again, and if you are of the feline persuasion, any opportunity is appreciated.  The Cat Massage Roller from Kooky Kittens may be just the answer providing both scratches and some fun enrichment.

The novel thing about this massager is the adjustable handle, making it adaptable to any size cat and the massage head design makes it equally functional for long and short-haired kitties.  And it will work on dogs, too.


For individuals that are not able to do extensive scratching and rubbing because of challenges due to arthritis or carpel tunnel, this can be a great solution for both owners and pets.

Check out this video to see how much kitties seem to enjoy the experience.

Visit Kooky Kittens to learn more about this fun way to give your cat a massage and have a little bonding time that is sure to result in purrs.


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