Aging Cat Takes Part In Bucket List Trip

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Image source: Heath Cajandig via Flickr
Image source: Heath Cajandig via Flickr

When the 21-year-old orange cat Tigger was abandoned by his former owner in February, things looked bleak. That was, until Adriene Buisch, former Ravens cheerleader, adopted the cat and decided to make the rest of his life the best possible.

Buisch had been looking for a companion for her six-year-old cat when she saw a posting about Tigger on a Canton Facebook page. She and her boyfriend knew that they had to bring Tigger home.

“When we brought him home that night it was like he never forgot what it was like to have pillows and blankets,” Buisch told the Baltimore Sun.

Tigger had matted fur and was underweight, but with a careful diet he gained weight and a shave allowed him to regrow a soft coat of fur.

Unfortunately, Buisch discovered that Tigger’s kidneys are failing and that he has a tumor. So she’s making the most of the time that Tigger has left.

Buisch brought Tigger to her family’s house in Bethany Beach over the summer, and brought him there again in late November so that he could lounge around and enjoy the sunshine. While Buisch isn’t following a strict bucket list for Tigger, she treats him to different activities when she thinks of them.

Buisch and her boyfriend plan to bring Tigger with them when they travel to visit family over Christmas.

Abandoned in his elderly age, Tigger has certainly been lucky to find himself in such a loving home.

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