After 22 Years, Cat Sanctuary Under Threat

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A small but beloved cat sanctuary in California is in danger of being demolished because the real estate company that manages the property wants the sanctuary space for parking.

Located in North Redondo Beach, the small fenced-in enclosure is located in the corner of a parking lot, according to a report in the The Beach Reporter News online. The enclosure  is home to a shrinking colony of one dozen feral cats who depend entirely on a committed group of local volunteers: John and Kim McConnon, Peggy Hansen, Bob Content and Terri Thomas.

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Every cat is spayed and neutered and receives flea treatment and medical attention, Kim McConnon told David Rosenfeld of The Beach Reporter. Kim and other volunteers maintain the sanctuary and pay out of pocket for hundreds of dollars in food and medical care each month

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“If this sanctuary didn’t exist, these cats would likely die,” McConnon said. The group has until June 15 to come up with a solution as to how to relocate the cats. Begun in 1995, the sanctuary population has declined over the years as older cats died off and younger ones did not breed. The goal was to keep it going until the last cat died of old age.

A new owner and management company, LBA Realty, says the cat sanctuary must be removed, according  the article in The Beach Reporter. A nearby trucking company wants to use the parking lot, leading the property manager to demand the cats be evicted from the 20-by-10 foot enclosure in the corner of the lot.

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