Advocates Seek Justice for Kittens, 11yr. Old Killers’ Hearing Postponed

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A small group of protestors with Nevada Political Action for Animals stood outside the Clark County Nevada Courthouse in Las Vegas yesterday, where a Family Court plea hearing was scheduled for two 11 year old boys. The pair allegedly threw rocks at a cat giving birth at their Las Vegas apartment complex on October 9, killing all six newborn kittens. Some died right away and two lived long enough for the animal control officers called to the scene to take them to a veterinary clinic, where they passed away. Protesters carried signs and spoke out asking for the maximum penalty allowed under the law for the boys.

“We’re hoping to have probation at least until they are 21 years old,” said Stacia Newman, who would also like to see the boys fined and sentenced to therapy. Given the killers’ ages, they are unlikely to get any real punishment. A pair of older Las Vegas teens who killed newborn kittens in June were given a patchwork of penalties that amount more to a list of inconveniences than actual punishment. Nevada enacted a law, thanks in part to the efforts of Nevada Political Action for Animals, that takes animal abuse seriously in the way crimes are charged. The juvenile cases are among the first charged under the new law.

“If kids are abusing animals they should get help. It shouldn’t be brushed under the rug. It shouldn’t be boys will be boys. It is something you need to do something about,” said Trent Hansen, one of the protestors.

The pair of young alleged kitten killers remain home on house arrest. They did not appear in court, where the judge postponed the plea hearing until November, 13, allowing the boys to undergo psychological evaluation beforehand. The pair are scheduled to appear at that hearing.

We covered the story in Reward Offered in Disturbing Las Vegas Kitten Cruelty Case on October 18, and the pair were arrested that night. An investigation by Metro’s Enterprise Area Command Problem Solving Unit led to the arrests of the boys.

This is not the only case currently receiving the attention of Nevada Political Action for Animals. They, along with other advocates and residents are concerned over a recent spate of antifreeze poisonings of cats.
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