Advocates Rally to End High Kill Rates at Ontario Shelter

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Hamilton, Ontario’s 2-cat per household law is in the spotlight again; this time advocates are emphatically pushing forward to find a solution that will end animal service’s dramatically high euthanasia rates.

On Saturday, protesters gathered outside Hamilton City Hall, holding signs that begged local animal services to “stop the slaughter.” Many think Hamilton may have the worst euthanasia rate in Ontario — of the 5,0000 that come through animal services’ doors every year, only 2,000 survive.

Many outdoor household pets have been picked up and euthanized by the time the owner realized their companion had been sitting at animal services for the 3-day waiting period (not counting the day they arrive) they allow before putting the cats down.

Local cat advocates have identified some of the major causes for the high kill rate:

  • The 2-cat per household minimum means more cats remain unadopted while families who have the means to care for them could offer a loving home.
  • The cats housed at animal services are not available for adoption. Their only future is 1) SPCA (which can only hold 20 cats at a time) 2) other rescue groups 3)euthanization
  • There is no effective low-cost/high-volume spay/neuter clinic in the area. The SPCA recently introduces a TNR (trap/neuter/return) program, but the city isn’t working with them, perpetuating cat overpopulation in the area.

Last weekend’s protest isn’t the end of the local advocacy efforts. On September 30th, those interested will attend a lecture by Bill Bruce, manager of Calgary Animal Services. They are hoping to glean practical advice from Calgary’s success in effectively dropping euthanasia rates to the single digits.

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  1. What kind of stupid law is that? And what kind of perverse legislators put that in place?

  2. Why just cats? I am sick and tired of cats getting such a bad rap while dogs can bark at all hours, defecate in our front lawns, bite and yes…produce unwanted litters as well. I think it is just a conspiracy against cats personally.

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