Adorable: Cats & Dogs Best Friends Forever

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gray tabby kitten cat rubbing up against a golden retriever puppy dog in grass in a garden scene with pink flowers behind them.

Some people may think that cats and dogs don’t get along, but this video proves otherwise. From a kitten snagging a ride to a another who has figured out how to get her best friend treats, these pairs of cats and dogs make for a good giggle or two.

4 thoughts on “Adorable: Cats & Dogs Best Friends Forever”

  1. I just found a dog and I called the owner, who doesnt sound like he’s interested in having the dog back, and I came on to your site hoping i could get him to find a alternative home rather then allowing the dog to get lose but instead im finding your site to only service cats, is it Cat month I hope because dog needs a loving home not to be left out so that coyotes can feast on him. sorry for the typos my key board needs batteries
    Idyllwild Ca

  2. um i have a dog similar well the excat one and the same cat the cats name is pretty princess and the dogs name is hutnter

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