Adopt a Cat Month Comes to an End

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Image source: Francesco via
Image source: Francesco via

There are just a few short days left in June, which means Adopt a Cat Month is coming to an end. Have you adopted a cat this month? If not, now is time to take advantage of many rescues which are offering discounted cat adoption rates, incentives to adopt a cat, or even 2-for-1 adoptions so that you can bring home two new family members.

If you weren’t able to open up your house to another cat this month, you can still help out cats in need. First of all, tell all of your friends about Adopt a Cat Month so that if they’ve been thinking about getting a cat, they can head to a local rescue or shelter.

Next, consider becoming an advocate for shelter cats in need. It’s so important to spread the word about events like Adopt a Cat Month, spaying and neutering clinics, and local rescue fundraising events. If you’re a skilled writer, consider offering to write press releases and even articles for your local shelter or rescue. If you have graphic design skills, volunteer to design ads, flyers, and other marketing content to help promote these important events.

If you’re looking for a more hands-on way to help out, then get some friends together and volunteer at your local shelter. Host a fundraising event to help the shelter earn the money it needs to care for cats. Foster a family of kittens, or collect towels, blankets, or cat food to donate to the shelter.

There are many ways that you can help cats in need. From spreading awareness to volunteering at shelters, you can make a difference for the cats in need of homes.

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