Adam is rescued after living for 3 months at a busy highway interchange

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Adam was rescued after living for at least three months on a patch of green in the middle of a busy Minnesota highway interchange.

Passersby continually called the Animal Humane Society in Woodbury with reports of a black and white cat seen on the green space between two busy highways, and several traffic accidents occurred as motorists swerved to avoid hitting him. Humane Society staffers were aware of the cat’s predicament from September onward, but efforts to catch him had not succeeded until recent days, when Woodbury police officer Adam Sack was able to trap the cat. Adam has been at the Animal Humane Society  since December 26; his waiting period will be up tomorrow and if his family does not come forward he will be offered for adoption.

Animal Humane Society staffer Jenney Miller said, ““It was really kind of frustrating not being able to help him and knowing he was out there the entire time. He had a little bit of frost bite, some sore feet and a pretty heavy dandruff problem because of the lack of proper nutrition. He’s had all of his exams already, he is feline leukemia negative. Other than that, he was in pretty good condition.”

Here’s his story from a local report.



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