Achilles is Rescued From Airport Ceiling

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A Bengal cat traveling with his pilot pet parents crawled up into the ceiling at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in CO on Monday. Thankfully, today he was removed from a trap he’d been lured into with tuna.

The words “cat”, “airport” and “ceiling” give a sinking feeling, as we are reminded of Jack and others who have gone missing after being entrusted to airline personnel. Achilles’ story is different, but still worrisome in its implications.

Mary and Stan Palmer are pilots who had their Bengal cat Achilles with them as they relaxed in the pilot’s lounge at the Brookfield, Colorado airport on Monday. Achilles slipped into a hole and went missing, and could not be located. The Palmers had to leave on a flight, but airport staff and a relative tried to locate Achilles or lure him out.

This morning Achilles was found in a trap that had been set for him with some tuna set inside to get his attention. He had been in the ceiling. This story seems minor because the cat was found within days, before any lasting damage was done to his health. The fact that he was up in the ceiling just serves as a reminder of how often cats missing at airports turn out to have been in the ceiling all along. Jack, the cat lost by American Airlines at JFK airport is the most notable of these cases. We learned after Jack dropped through the ceiling at JFK and later died from the effects of a long ordeal without food or water that AA had told Karen Pascoe that lost cats are usually found when their bodies fall from the ceiling. We have this on record in a post made by Karen’s sister Mary Beth Melchior.

Achilles is one of the lucky ones who was found right away thanks to cooperative airport staff and dedicated family members, and good luck He will stay with the nearby relative until either his pet parents come to retrieve him or arrangements are made to fly him to his home in Maryland.


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