Ace the Kitten Gets Out of a Sticky Situation and Finds a Home

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Ace was found in an Oregon parking garage, stuck in floor epoxy.  The fire department, Salem Friends of Felines, Willamette Valley Animal Hospital and an Ace Hardware manager all came to his aid. Most of the adhesive has been removed and one of his rescuers will adopt him.

Salem Friends of Felines shared a post from Melinda Rossow  about Ace’s rescue at their Facebook page on July 21:

“This was a community rescue effort. Ace was found stuck in epoxy at a local shopping place.  It is unknown why this product was in the parking lot or why there was a kitten stuck there. He was stuck so badly the fire dept had to cut him out.  He was taken to Willamette Valley Animal hospital where staff worked on removing it until late in the night. Ace Hardware store sprang to action as well searching for something to remove this cement like product without harming the kitten. In the end,  no chemicals were used, but hours of gently using a razor to cut it away from the fur. Kudos to everyone who help and especially Salem Friends of Felines for responding to quickly! Well done!”

Veterinarian Sherri Morris checks on Ace

A woman phoned Salem Friends of Felines just moments before closing time on July 18 to report the kitten stuck in adhesive in a corner of a parking garage at the Marion Parkade. Friends of Felines board member Penelope Mack turned to Donna Stebbins, the manager of a local Ace Hardware store, for advice on removing the substance from the little kitten.

Donna Stebbins, an avowed “huge animal lover” checked the safety and effectiveness of products as she consulted on the case. Donna is quoted in a Statesman Journal story, saying,  “It didn’t matter what we had to do, this kitten needed help. There is no tougher glue than floor adhesive. It is a two-part adhesive, and it dries permanent. I researched for a couple of hours, and there was no good answer. Any solvent strong enough to take off the glue would take off skin (and fur) as well.”

With solvents ruled, out, veterinarians at the Willamette Valley Animal Hospital worked methodically over several days to carefully remove glue clad fur with a razor blade.  Ace, as he was named in honor of the helpful hardware store, sat still very patiently as veterinarians worked on him, as though he knew he was getting much needed help.

Though traces of glue remain, Ace is mostly freed from the substance, is doing well, and has found a home. Donna Stebbins has adopted him and will be able to take him home before long.


Ace visits Donna

Ace’s story:


Ace visits Donna at the hardware store.

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