Abused Cat Gets Help at The Cat House on the Kings

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Handsome came to the The Cat House on the Kings, in Parlier, CA, after a woman found him with a wire tightly bound his leg. The wire had done so much damage the leg had to be amputated. Handsome was found to be FIV positive. He also showed himself to be a very loving and affectionate boy.

The Cat House on the Kings is reaching out to find Handsome a home. If he is not adopted, Handsome will live out his days at the sanctuary. you can see his adoption profile HERE.

The creator of the video that tells Handsome’s story writes:

Handsome was found by a woman in Central California. He was abused by a neighbor, with a front leg bound and wrapped tightly with wire. She brought him to Cat House on the Kings for help, where it was found that his leg was so badly wounded and infected it needed amputation. While recovering, they also found he was FIV+. However, despite the torment he’s seen in his life, he has greeted everyone he’s met with a loud purr and an urge to cuddle. One of the friendliest and sweetest cats around, Handsome hopes that a loving heart will give him his forever home.



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  1. what in the heck is wrong with people. Whatever you do to an animal should be done to the abuser but worse. There are suck sick people in this world.

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