Abused and Neglected Kitten Finds Both Medical Help and a Home

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A woman found this hurt, starving and flea infested kitten on a country road on Thursday night and took her for medical help. Donations have been made to help with kitty’s care and the woman who found her will give her a safe, good home.

We almost did not post this story, there are such disturbing aspects to it, but decided to go ahead with it today upon getting a positive update from the veterinary clinic where kitty is receiving care.

Leslie Thompson found the abused and neglected 10 week old white kitten shown above at the foot of a driveway on a country road in Richmond County KY on Thursday night. She brought the kitten home but upon seeing the extent of  the injuries took her for medical help. The kitten is now at Advanced Animal Care, under the care of Dr. Allison Tevis.

She was initially listed as unstable, with dehydration, and upper respiratory infection, bruising, and suspicious looking skinned cuts. Dr. Tevis responded by putting her on fluids, then antibiotics and pain medications, in preparation to begin treating the wounds. The wounds can only be treated with cleaning at this point, due to contamination and tissue damage. Despite it all, kitty is expected to recover.

The kitten is described as being highly socialized, friendly and loving attention, which suggests to Dr. Tevis that she was someone’s domestic pet, though a poorly cared for one.

Here is the  hopeful update made today by the clinic:

“The kitten is doing well! He is eating on his own and progressing. He is still not stable enough to undergo surgery. X-Rays were taken and we found out the left shoulder is out of place. We have started laser therapy on the wounds. This is a new technology we have to increase tissue growth and help decontaminate wounds. He is taking great to treatment but still has a long way to go. Many people have donated to help with this little guy’s medical bills and the owner is very grateful.”

As you may have noticed, the kitten has been called both she and then he, with the “he” coming from today’s update. Once the confusion is cleared up we’ll make the necessary corrections.

A final note, Dr. Tevis says this kitten’s injuries are similar to those of other kittens found recently, raising further suspicions about the case.

We hope to be able to make further positive updates on this’ kitten’s progress.

WARNING NOTE: The following video is NOT for the squeamish or the especially tender hearted.



The Advanced Animal Care clinic can be reached by phone at 859-625-5678. An account has been established there to help with the kitten’s medical expenses, which we can expect to be substantial. The rest of their info can be obtained from their website.

A reader adds:

John at the vet’s office treating her said:
We have set up a separate account for donations for this patient. The kitten on TV today is named “Kitten” by the client, but the account name to apply donations is “Kitten Angel Fund”.

You may call the receptionist at Advanced Animal Care at 859-625-5678. Her name is Shauna and you can tell her you wish to donate to the “Kitten Angel Fund” by credit card if you want to donate by phone. If you wish to mail a check send it to:

Advanced Animal Care
2120 Pimlico Dr.
Richmond, KY 40475

Make sure to put “Kitten Angel Fund” in the memo line.

19 thoughts on “Abused and Neglected Kitten Finds Both Medical Help and a Home”

  1. I am going to start praying for these tortured souls who in turn torture animals, especially kittens. God must intervene with these sick people.

  2. sometimes they are not abused or neglected only lost or wild and needing of love …I see kittens like this that are simply stray babies or lost too far from anyone coyotes get them sometimes but it looks like he will be fine

  3. Sad story, but she/he looks like s/he’s healing. Bravo to the rescuer and the Animal Clinic.

  4. Poor sweety. Mean people suck. Donation made for the treatment and recovery of this sweet little kitten.

  5. All animals want are to be loved. it sickens me that people can hurt them and have no concsious about it.

  6. I saw this story on Friday and spoke to the staff at the hospital when I made my donation. They seem like very wonderful caring folks. Bless the woman for stopping to investigate and making the kitten part of her family. I so hope Kitty makes it.

  7. I am glad that this kitty got rescued and a loving home all at once. I hope that all goes well from here on. Good luck little kitty and God bless you and your new family.

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