Abandoned Supermama Cat Jolie Leads Rescuer to Her Kittens

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A supermom of a cat showed a phenomenal spirit when she made sure her little family would be saved.

The sleek black cat shown here nursing her kittens at the Block Fen animal centre in the community of  March, Cambridgeshire, UK, was named Jolie by RSPCA staff in a nod to the famous actress Angelina Jolie, who is renowned for her role as a mother. This came after the mama cat demonstrated remarkable devotion to her kittens. Jolie showed great understanding, a keen intelligence and a fierce will when she brought an RSPCA officer to them so they could be rescued.

Jolie was picked up by the RSPCA recently after someone saw a cat being thrown from the window of a moving car made a report. She had a scrape on her face from being thrown from the car, and it was clear that she has recently delivered a litter of kittens. After Jolie was treated for fleas and worms she was returned to the spot where she’d been found so she could tend to the kittens.

Officer Jon Knight delivered Jolie back to that spot and, instead of running off, she meowed insistently at him and make it known that he should follow her.

Mr Knight said of the experience: “When she started to get really vocal at first I thought she was calling to the kittens, but then it became clear that she was actually calling to me.

“I began to follow her and she took me through the rear garden, across a ploughed field and into a farm yard. All the time she was calling me and waiting for me to follow. She then took me into an old farm machinery barn and led me to behind a stack of old wood and there were her four kittens.

“In my 15 years as an inspector I have never had this happen before and I was quite shocked by it all. But this little cat knew exactly what she wanted to do, and she made sure that I followed her and brought her kittens to safety.”

“The kittens were tiny and still had their eyes closed. I collected them and took them and mum back to the RSPCA Block Fen Animal Centre, where they will stay until they are all fit, healthy and old enough to be rehomed.

“Jolie had been through an awful lot, but she showed real maternal instinct and determination, she really is a remarkable cat.”

The RSPCA is asking for help from the public in their efforts to locate and prosecute the person driving a dark color car who dumped Jolie.

8 thoughts on “Abandoned Supermama Cat Jolie Leads Rescuer to Her Kittens”

  1. And I hope they find the monster that threw her from their car and prosecute them to the fullest extent of that state’s laws!

  2. Cat’s are very smart, my baby boy Bailey, help me when I had a very,very bad asthma attack, he sence something was wrong, he followed me into the bedroom, as I sat trying to catch my breath, he walked up to my chest he would not leave until I pet on the back of his neck, stayed there until the atttack stopped.

  3. This is such a great story. It’s amazing to hear how the mom cat led the person to her kittens. I’m so glad they were all saved and pray that they find loving homes. Cats are so smart. What a cruel to person the throw a cat from a car. I hope they find out who did that.

  4. My HEARTFELT thanks to Officer Jon Knight who UNDERSTOOD a mama’s cry!!

    And I would think that whoever was the miserable specimen of Man”KIND” who threw Joli from the car — may live on or near that farm !!!! I hope people who know, talk and tell.

  5. This is heart-warming and speaks well of cats. They are all remarkable creatures! My swet Gracie who is now at Rainbow Bridge, did the same thing. She was never thrown from a moving car as far as I know, but she was abandoned and abused. I had no idea she was pregnant when I took her in. She led me through a LOT of vegetation and briers, to her kittens. They were in the middle of a back yard of an empty house, and deep inside a drainage pipe. I would have never found them! Jon Knight is also very special to have not only listened, but understood what the cat was trying to say. Awesome story!

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