Abandoned Cat May Be Britain’s Oldest Cat

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Image source: telegraph.co.uk
Image source: telegraph.co.uk

It’s sad anytime anyone abandons a cat, but when that cat is elderly, it’s even more upsetting. Someone has abandoned a cat named Banjo, but imagine this – Banjo may be the oldest cat in Britain.

Banjo was found outside the RSPCA Southall Cattery, but staff were shocked to discover that he appears to be about 27 years old. That’s equivalent to being 125 in human years. That also means that Banjo may be the oldest cat in the country. The RSCPA has contacted the Guinness Book of World Records to confirm whether Banjo will now hold the record.

No one’s sure just who abandoned Banjo. He was microchipped in 1991, but may have changed hands and could have been living on his own for quite some time. Attempts to contact the phone number listed in the microchip registry have gone unanswered.

Banjo is described as a sweet and friendly cat. The RSPCA will continue attempting to find his owner. If no owner is found by the end of the month, the shelter has already found a home for Banjo where he will receive quality care and be able to live out his latter years in comfort.

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