A Touching Reunion: Missing Cat is Found After a Year

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Dan Watkins is overjoyed to have his missing cat Buddy back with him after a year.  Buddy’s microchip reunited him with his petdad after a farmer found him and brought him to the pound.

The sweet photos documenting the reunion show Dan’s love for his cat, who he thought he would never see again.

Buddy went missing about a year ago after he disappeared just days before Dan, a disability pensioner, had to move to Wodonga, Victoria, Australia when his rental at Barwidgee was put up for sale. Dan’s new residence is about an hour’s drive from the old one.

Buddy and Dan were reunited this week after a farmer found Buddy a few miles from his old home and turned him in to the Alpine Shire Council pound, in Bright. Buddy was still wearing his collar when he was found.

Buddy’s microchip not only reunited him with his petdad, it probably saved his life. As an unidentified and unclaimed stray, he may have been put down.

“I couldn’t stop smiling,” Mr Watkins said about the reunion.

“We picked him up from the pound in Bright and I reckon I smiled all the way home.

“Buddy’s leaner now, not as much fat on him.

“He used to spend his days sitting next to me on the couch, but over the past year he would have been chasing after his meals.

“He will be getting plenty of food tonight.”

Dan says that other than having lost some weight during his time living as a stray, Buddy is exactly the same as always.

“He came straight up to me and rubbed against my leg.”

“He recognized my smell and my voice.”

“He’s enjoying sitting on the couch again.”

“Now that he’s back with me, I won’t let him out of my sight.”


Story and photos via The Border Mail

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