A Sweet Moment: Derek Feeds the Rescued Kitten

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This impossibly sweet video from last year has recently been discovered after going unnoticed. We are happy to share it now.

Here is the little story that goes with this video from May 2010; it’s all we know about little Gina:

Derek heard meow-like cries for help in a nearby trash can. It was empty except for a small, knotted black trash bag. Derek reached in and tore the bag open. Lo and behold, a kitten barely alive!!

The shelters & rescue centers were closed for the night so Derek had to nurture the kitten until morning.

This video is footage taken of Derek & the kitten, “Gina Fortunado” during the wee hours the next day. Gina was handed over to professionals who will raise her until she can be lovingly adopted — hopefully by Derek. What a miracle. Amazing.

We are told at the end of the video that Gina was taken into foster care, so we can hope that she ended up safe and in a good home.

The Beach Boys track is the perfect mood maker, we think.

Miracle Kitten Rescue: 5 day old kitty found in trash

0 thoughts on “A Sweet Moment: Derek Feeds the Rescued Kitten”

  1. Some people are Angels ( Derek ) , some people are just evil ( POS who put the baby in the trash). I hope Gina’s family was fond and they are OK. I hope. It is good to know Gina got a human home, too.

  2. Une tite bouteille à titine….ça irait peut-être mieux pour le tout-ti !! Merci de vous en occuper !!

  3. So sweet!! Where can I find a man like that??!! LOL Hope Gina is doing okay, what a cutie!

  4. cute kitty,i can relate to that picking homeless ones and feeding them with dropper and later feeding bottle… but i keep them,i dont give it to foster care anymore…

  5. That is about how small my Alice was when I found her in the attic of an old house I lived in. She was just a tiny black kitten that fit in my hand. Today, she is 16 years old, pudgy, lovable on her terms, rules the house, and I don’t know what I’d do without her!! Bless you Derek for being such a kind young man to help little Gina. Angels come in all shapes and sizes!

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