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Once in a while you need a bit of a distraction.  Oh, look, here’s one now.  FreshStep has posted a game on their website called Find The Cat and, yes, you find the cat.  It’s silly, of course, but it is also kind of fun and makes for a nice little diversion, if you know what we mean.

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But wait, the obvious next step is to see what other cat-based distractions one might be able to find with a quick search.  VOILA! Ryan Hoover has put together a collection of some 20+ cat-centric games, on the aptly titled Cat Games page, that are available to download on a variety of platforms.  They even have a game for your cat, claiming “It’s the world’s greatest game for cats (not humans).”  Of additional note, Friskies also has games exclusively for your cat for your iPad or tablet.

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The site Steam has a group that has collected and lists Games With Cats In Themas well.  Choose from titles such as Cat on a Diet and Garfield KartArmor Games  has some cat games available with intriguing names like Purrmageddon, Star Claws, and several varieties of Sushi Cat. Over at Monkey Games World, there are lots of games that skew a little more kid-friendly than some of the other more, shall we say, robust, offerings, featuring favorites of the cat world including Hello Kitty and Grumpy Cat.  Girls may really like what DiDi Games has including a sure to be favorite, Kitty Spa Makeover.

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The names and descriptions at all the sites are quite amusing and with the wide variety shown you will likely have to pick and choose wisely for yourself and anyone else, cat or small child included.  Some are silly, some graphic, some better for adult players than children or cats.  In any case, if it’s a diversion you want, a moment to let the world spin without you for 5, 10, 30 minutes (provided you don’t get hooked),  there’s a good chance something will tickle your fancy.

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