A Leash Law for Cats? One Alaska Town Considers It.

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Image source: gstit via Flickr
Image source: gstit via Flickr

If you’ve ever tried to convince a cat to walk willingly on a leash, then you know what a challenge it can be. But the town of Kenai, Alaska is considering implementing a leash law on all cats.

Kenai currently has a large population of free-roaming and shelter cats. The cat population is so large, in fact, that residents have begun complaining about the cats’ presence on private property. Mainly, cat poop is the largest issue – residents find it in their yards and gardens, and some residents claim that the cats’ presence restricts their ability to enjoy their own property.

So, town Mayor Pat Porter and town council member Tim Navarre have proposed an ordinance which would require all cats to be kept indoors, behind a fence, or on a leash or chain. The potential penalty for not following the ordinance could be as large as a $500 fine.

As you can imagine, there have been mixed responses to this proposal. Other cities, such as St. Louis and Dallas, do instruct pet owners to keep their pets (yes, even cats) on a leash. The caveat: The laws are rarely enforced, due to the manpower that doing so would require.

It’s possible that Kenai may follow the same route. Even if the proposal passes (it’s up for vote on October 5th), enforcing it would require some serious effort.

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